University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Study Abroad:

As a public land-grant research university, the mission of the University of Massachusetts is to provide an affordable and accessible education of high quality and to conduct programs of research and public service that advance knowledge and improve the lives of the people of the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.

At the University of Massachusetts, research, teaching, and service are closely linked. For our undergraduate students, taking classes from the world’s top scholars means learning on the cutting edge. Their classroom experience is vastly strengthened when professors go beyond the textbook to incorporate the most up-to-date findings, the newest perspectives, and the most immediate debates.

Bringing current research into the classroom contributes significantly to students’ understanding of the nature of learning, enabling them not only to master facts and theories but also to learn how to think critically. Education at UMass is further enriched by a constant flow of people and ideas from around the globe as well as by the remarkably diverse backgrounds and experiences of the undergraduate and graduate students themselves.

When students conduct research under the mentorship of our faculty, they experience firsthand the excitement and accomplishment of discovery. Student research may lead to co-authorship on peer-reviewed publications or professional presentations. Research collaboration on the undergraduate and graduate level with industry provides opportunities for internships that are often stepping-stones to rewarding employment after graduation.

In addition to attracting and supporting the finest faculty, we invest heavily in our excellent libraries, laboratories, information technology, and other vital equipment and facilities. We offer a wide range of courses and curriculum, including innovative cross-disciplinary programs and options. We are as committed to open-mindedness and self-examination as we are to quality and standards, and we stand willing to adapt to the changing needs of undergraduate education. We support an extensive array of extra-curricular activities; enroll students from around the world; and offer a wide selection of study abroad programs. Not all growth takes place in the classroom or library, of course. Our recreational and athletic facilities are the equal of any university in the country.