Why Students Solution?

  • 14 Years Of Extensive Education Career Counselling And Visa Guidance Experience

  • Over 25,00 Successful Students Enrolled Through Us Including Top 100 Universities In The World

  • Over 12,000 Students Counselled Throughout Pakistan, Uae, Malaysia, Australia, Canada & United Kingdom, Extensive International Exposure To Share

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Students Solution provides you with a wealth of information and advice about studying in the world’s top choices for English language international education: the USA, the UK, and Australia. These study centers offer visa information, practical advice, country information, resources like school and scholarship searches and lots more to help international students decide where to study and how to prepare. We also have a dedicated Study Abroad center for US students planning to spend some time abroad, a Study Guide by Subject with study centers on over 50 fields of study, and a US State Guide. Choose a Study Center from the list below to get started.

Study in the USA

Over 700,000 international students chose the USA last year, making it the number one international education destination. For students looking to study in the USA, our country guide provides the most comprehensive information about the USA education system, the application process for US higher education, the “American way of life,” working in the USA, funding opportunities for students going to the USA and much more.

Study in Australia

Australia is committed to its prominent role in international education, as international students contribute over AU$16 billion to the Australian economy. Offering access to both the traditional higher education and the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors, Australia is tremendously popular as a destination for international students. Our Study Australia center provides you with all the information you need about studying in Oz.

Study in the UK

International students flock to the UK to access the unparalleled history, prestige, and reputations of the higher education system. Our Study in the UK country guide provides all the information an international student needs to know, including student visa and immigration information for the UK, money matters, an overview of the UK higher education system, student accommodations, travel tips, country demographic and cultural information and lots more.

Study Canada

Canada is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for international students. The Canadian student visa permits you to work up to 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during breaks. As an international student in Canada, you are also allowed to bring your spouse and dependent children with you while you study. Canada also offers a very generous work permit to recent graduates, allowing them to work in the country for up to 3 years.

Study Guide By Subject

Whether you already know that you want to study, or are still trying to figure it out, our Study by Subject Guide can help. From law, medicine, business, and architecture, to computer science, psychology, music or design, and everything in between, we have over 50 subject guides highlighting careers, schools, internships and other subject-specific information. We created this giant resource expressly for international students.

USA State Guide

The United States is a huge country, with regional differences and characteristics as distinct from each other in many cases as they would be from another country. Someone from Boston sounds a lot different than someone from Alabama, and their lives would likely have been vastly different. Our State Guides provide a good overview to help international students zero in on their top geographic locations in which to study.

Study Abroad

International experience is quickly becoming more of a career necessity than a luxury, as technology continues to shrink the world, businesses need to compete globally and employers demand an internationally-trained workforce. US schools are responding by internationalizing their curriculum and putting increased emphasis on study abroad, creating many more and varied opportunities for students to study abroad as part of their degree program.

Pathway Programs 

If you need to improve your English language skills but want to start studying in the US right away, you should consider a pathway program. Pathway programs, also known as bridge programs, allow students to gain the English language skills needed to study in the US while also earning credit towards their degree. If you’re ready to study in the US but still need to perfect your English this could be the right opportunity for you.