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Postgraduate study

Select universities additionally offer opportunities for alternative entry into the postgraduate study, through completion of professional or alternative academic qualifications designed for prospective applicants lacking completed undergraduate study who might have otherwise qualified for their postgraduate academic programmes. The University of Leicester offers such opportunities, such as entry into the MSc in Management programme with a Professional Diploma in Management Alternative entry into postgraduate programmes may also be granted by partial completion of courses taken as part of the full postgraduate academic qualification. The IT Masters programme of Charles Sturt University offers such an option to working professionals with some years of experience in the fields of IT and management, allowing prospective students to first complete a Graduate Certificate in the chosen subject, which includes the first third of the course modules normally taken as part of the full master’s degree, then proceed with full credit to the master’s degree upon successful completion.

Graduate Pathway programs prepare you for direct entry into a master’s degree program at a top-ranked university. You will develop your academic knowledge, English language, and study skills while taking graduate-level courses at a leading Institution.

The Pathway program is designed for students who want to take the fast track to success.